A word or two from our volunteers

Here at the North Norfolk Workout Group, we are very proud that we’ve been an independent conservation group for nearly five years. Our group is about getting people outdoors, getting a bit fitter, and feeling a bit better, whilst doing good for the environment. We hope the group is fun to be part of, as well as helping us become both physically and mentally healthier.

Since we started the group in 2012, some of the volunteers have been kind enough to share with us the positive effects of being a Workout volunteer. And now we’d like to share some of them with you!

‘The group has helped a lot of people; it’s helped me a lot.’

‘It’s a good workout’

‘It’s great work for the environment’

‘It gets me out of the house, where I’m on my own, and out among friends’

‘It’s always fun!’

‘Since I’ve done this volunteer work, meeting new people, it has helped me with my illness, e.g. Confidence is a lot better.’

‘I also like the mix of people sharing a common goal – to help make a difference to us and the countryside…It’s really good for my health’

‘I’m enjoying working with volunteers and its been great for my mental health and general wellbeing’

A big thank you to everyone who has volunteered
with the Workout Group over the past four+ years

– Go Team!

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