Surveying Salthouse – in Summertime

This summer we’ve been joined at Salthouse Heath by Norfolk Wildlife Trust and local experts to survey and map the site, as part of NWT’s County Wildlife Action project.

This project aims to map and re-survey 70 County Wildlife Sites and 30 churchyards in Norfolk, in just two years.  A big part of the project is to engage local the community in their local green spaces, involving them in the practical surveying – which is where the Workout Group comes in at Salthouse Heath. Armed with trusty paper and pen, as well as GPS mapping devices, our aim is to map the entire site, and record as many species as we can!

Mainly focusing on plant surveying this year, we’ve had the opportunity to record and discover more about the amazing flora on the heath – so far we’ve found over 140 plants, such as common centaury, star of Bethlehem, May lilies, spring-beauty, heath bedstraw, milkwort, biting stonecrop, sweet vernal grass, sheep’s sorrel and scarlet pimpernel. We have also recorded 40 other species, including reptiles, moths, butterflies, beetles, mammals and birds.

It’s a great project to be involved with, and we’re all learning lots on every visit, giving us a new perspective on this beautiful site. We’ve been carrying out conservation activities on Salthouse Heath for the past six years, and it’s brilliant to get the chance to stop, look around us and appreciate the site in a new way – as home to some truly amazing wildlife!

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