Making Merry in Mallett’s Meadows

From a Workout Group volunteer –

They used to say “join the navy and see the world”. Being less ambitious, but liking to get out a bit, I joined the Workout Group. I have certainly seen a lot of North Norfolk!

The Group is ideal if you like  working in the great outdoors and have an interest in the natural world. It gives you the opportunity to “poke about” in all sorts of interesting corners of North Norfolk. Sites range from nature reserves and churchyards to community allotments, woodlands, heathlands, meadows and pond restorations. Experts are often on hand to explain the reasons for the works we are doing and its wildlife benefits.

Our latest project, Mallett’s Meadows, takes us back to a bygone age.The small unimproved meadows[ they have never been ploughed]  are grazed by ponies and the generous hedgerows are dripping with sloes, hips and blackberries. We are helping the Felbeck Trust to tidy up the more unkempt hedgerows, create a village walk and restore a pond.

The interesting bit for me is the plan to reduce the grazing, which has been intensive, and then see which floral gems pop their heads up. Will we find a rare orchid, a shy fern hiding in an overgrown corner or an unusual waterside plant clinging to the bank of the Scarrow Beck which flows through Mallett’s Meadows?

As to my fellow volunteers. They can speak for themselves, and they often do, on topics as diverse as the price of bread in pre-revolutionary Russia to the best place to recycle an old bedstead!

It might be that you are just after quiet contemplation. Well there is room for that as well. Standing on a heath awash with yellow gorse and pink heather and hearing a turtle dove purring nearby can be most therapeutic. Watching a rainbow touch down on Salthouse  church whilst the wind and sun chase the shower out to sea can be uplifting.

And it’s all free!

In the meantime back to work clearing scrub. Stand well back everyone……..Timber!…..who left my lunch box there?

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