Salthouse Heath


Salthouse Heath is part of the Cromer ridge, an area of glacial moraine that stands above the coast and stretches for 8.7 miles.

The geology of the ridge means areas such as Salthouse Heath are rich in heather and gorse, although towards the south, the heath is dominated by birch and oak woodland.

Gorse, although very attractive to butterflies and other wildlife, is very invasive and can dominate heathland areas to the detriment of other wild flowers and life. We have spent many task days removing the gorse, which as well as helping the natural habitat to flourish has opened up stunning views down towards the coast, some of which have not been seen for over 30 years!

Salthouse Heath remains an important wildlife site, and is well known locally as a good place to hear nightingales and nightjars in early summer.

The heath also has the largest cluster of Bronze Age burial mounds in Norfolk.

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